It Couldn’t be any Easier… 

“Eliminate Your Business Startup Fears and
Get on the Fast-Track to Starting A Woodworking Business
You Can Rely on for Years to Come!”

Even If You’re Starting from Scratch and Working Out of Your Garage or Basement!

You’re here because you want to start a business…
And you’ve been thinking about taking your passion, your woodworking, your dream and turning it into an income.

But, as exciting as that thought is, you are also probably feeling some angst…

After all, it’s scary to think about whether or not you can really do it…

There’s a real fear of the unknown – of failing – of losing your investment – or even worse – losing your life savings.

In addition to that, the facts tell us that over 50 percent of new businesses fail within the first year…

And, over 85 percent fail within 2 to 5 years.

Now, all that doesn’t sound very good but, don’t get discourage because there is something you can do to dramatically put the odds in your favor.
Put the Odds In Your Favor…
You see, given the right strategy and guidance, anyone can start a thriving woodworking business.

The key to doing it is “Planning for Success in Advance“.

It’s a factor that the majority of first-time entrepreneurs overlook…

And that’s why the failure rate is so high for new businesses.

Here at the Profit From Wood “Planning for Success in Advance” is our motto…

It’s what we do best.

We work with passionate entrepreneurs to help them plan, promote and start the woodworking business of their dreams in fastest and easiest way possible.
Build A Solid Business Foundation…
You see, just like a house needs a solid foundation to stand on in order to last a lifetime, well so does your business.

And we have the right Business Blueprint and Tools which you can use to build your business success on…

Right from the start.

By Planning for Success in Advance it turns the tables on fear and puts you in control of your destiny.

It allows you to easily give yourself the best possible chance for business success because…

You get tap into our wisdom and know-how to get your business planning and strategizing done right the first time!

All you need to do is make a commitment to follow the proven plan.
Successful Business Planning Made Easy…
You probably already know the facts:

The fastest way to learn something new – and be good at it – a sport – cooking – playing a musical instrument – design or fixing something – is to have someone with experience teach you.

Learning how to start a successful, profitable, sustainable woodworking business is no different.

Simply stated, we’ve made planning, starting, promoting and launching a business from scratch as straight-forward and easy as it could possibly be.

We accomplish this by utilizing a systematic learning process (called Cognitive Reverse Extrapolation) which has consistently proven to give amazing results.

And it begins with you working in tandem with the Profit From Wood founder, Certified Business Coaching Professional, Ed McDonough.

In the past two months… A profit margin of 28.3%…

“Everything is going well here in New York. I have been busy making moulding and doors for customers. In the past two months my sales have been $9,500.00 with a profit margin of 28.3% after all expenses and wages.

Your program helped me in many ways, especially getting off my butt and starting.

Thank you for offering a well-rounded, industry specific class. Hearing about your experiences gave me the kick in the pants I needed.”

Larry Kestner, Up-state New York

Live Training Means You Will Get the Best Results!
You see, our little-known secret to rapid success lies in LIVE 1-on-1 training.

That means that this 8 week business intensive not only utilizes a step-by-step, proven business learning methodology, which is laid out in an easy to use format…

But, it also includes weekly LIVE 1-on-1 interaction where Ed will personally guide you step-by-step through the CRE Business Planning Process, answer all of your business start-up related questions and keep you on track to meeting your goals.

Each week, you will put your heads together to make sure all the I’s are dotted and all the T’s are crossed so that you get on, and stay on, the path to business success.

This truly is the most effective way currently available to learn how to plan and start a success, profitable woodworking business that you can rely on for years to come.
Here’s How the Training Works…

Again, this is a Collaborative 8 Week Business Startup Intensive which is laid out step-by-step to maximize your results!

During the entire workshop you are going to be 100% supported and you will never feel overwhelmed or like you’ve been left out in the cold, the way a book or course you download will leave you feeling.
For the next 8 weeks you will get…

      1 LIVE 1-on-1 Group Coaching Session per Week where Ed will be 100% available to answer any questions you could possibly have about starting your specific woodworking business.

      1 Training Module per Week that walks you through the entire process step-by-step. Ed is going to take you through the entire courses using our proven learning system so you get the best possible results.

Now, the reason we set it up this way is when we give people everything at once it doesn’t work.

They get overwhelmed, they jump around and they don’t get anything done.

We don’t want that to happen to you.

We want to make sure you follow through and are able to get every detail out of this course so that at the end of the workshop you are 100% confident that you have the best plan possible for starting your woodworking business and making it a huge success.

So, Here’s the Breakdown…

Week 1
Building a Solid Business Foundation
This lesson is designed to help you build a solid foundation so that you can easily launch your business, and so it can grow and prosper, and be sustainable for years to come.
Week 2
The Business Success System
You’re going to learn a proven strategy for business success and profitability. And, you’re going to apply it to your specific circumstances for your business. Here you’ll determine exactly what you need for your business success.
Week 3
Competition Analysis & Risk Management
You’ll gain a ton of confidence about starting your business when you understand what the competitors are doing and how to standout above them as the best choice. In addition, you see the fast and easy way to identify any risks to your business and how to mitigate them in advance.
Week 4
Products and Services Strategy
This week you’ll map-out your product lines and/or services line and discover how to price them for profitability. It’s the first step towards planning how your business will grow and prosper.
Week 5
Financial Plan Analysis & Development
At the end of this week you’ll have a clear picture of your financial plan and what it will take to start and run your business and keep it sustainable for years to come.
Week 6
Running a Profitable Business
Starting a business is great, but you also need to know how to keep it running and keep it profitable. This week you’ll get to access to the exact business tools we use to eliminate any guesswork and keep our client’s businesses running smoothly.
Week 7
Marketing Your Business Made Easy
You can’t generate any revenue if people don’t know about your products and services so during this week you’ll discover how to maximize your marketing efforts. You’ll get the exact insider business marketing strategy all are clients use so you can copy it and use it over and over to get customers for your business!
Week 8
Launching Your Business
We’ll dot the I’s and cross the T’s, fine tune your Business Start-up Plan and discuss exactly how to execute it so you can get your business started in the best way possible with the least amount of stress!

And, You Also Get…
Access to the Profit From Wood Business Document Library which includes over 23 Business tools you’ll need to plan, promote, start and run your woodworking business.

In addition, after you finish creating your “Marketing Message” in Week 7, Ed will personally critique it and give you his recommendations on how to make it work effectively!

Last, before you “Open the Doors for Business”, Ed will personally critique your Completed Business Plan and make sure it is perfect and that you are truly ready to go!

And, to top it off…
We Will Take All of The Risk So You Don’t Have Too!

Here’s how confident we are that this process works…

You also get our:

ZERO Risk • 60 Day • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Go through the complete 8 week Business Startup Intensive and if at any time within 60 Days of your purchase you feel we haven’t given you EVERYTHING you need to plan and start a successful woodworking business, just let us know and we’ll make sure you get a FULL and QUICK Refund!

Seriously, what could be more fair than that?
“Without a Plan… How Can You Expect to Succeed?”
So, rather than try to figure out the complete business planning process all on your own, and have a 50 to 85 precent chance of failing and losing your time and investment…

Now you have the means to follow a live, inter-active, step-by-step, proven business learning methodology that is geared for business success.

Think about it…

In as little as 60 days, you could be on your way to starting your own successful woodworking business.

You probably already know that being your own boss in your own business is one of the most rewarding and profitable things you can do in your life.

There’s no greater feeling than having an unrestricted income – and to work on your terms – and to live life on your terms – and to support yourself and your family the way you see fit.

You see, when you have this type of freedom, not only are you the boss of your business, you’re also the boss of your destiny!

The cost for this LIVE Collaborative 8 Week Business Startup Intensive: ONLY $1,997 $997

BUT… you cannot purchase it…

Until we make sure the program is right for you!

So here’s what you do… Schedule a no-cost no-obligation strategy session with our founder Ed McDonough.

During the call he will show you the exact plan so you can see up front if it makes sense to choose us to help guide you towards getting your woodworking business planned and started in fastest and easiest way possible.

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